Biogas Brålanda

Now we’re open for visits

The interest in visiting our facility to learn more about the concept and business model has been great, but we’ve said no. Until now.

At last, we are open to visitors and looking forward to share our experiences. Together with our tourist company we tailor study tours where Biogas Brålanda become part of a truly rewarding experience. In addition to Biogas Brålanda we have another biogas plant that we’d also like to include in our study tours.

We tailor the trip entirely on what you are most curious about and we are more than happy to also arrange for your transportation, food and accommodations.


Small scale with great benefits

Biogas Brålanda have created a completely new concept for producing biogas from manure and food residues. Biogas is produced in farm-scale biogas plants and then transported in a pipeline network to a common upgrade facility where raw gas is converted to vehicle fuel.

The key to success is spelled cooperation

The concept has been created through a successful collaboration between farmers, local businesses, contractors, utility companies and municipalities. What started as an innovative project with many stakeholders, is today companies standing on its own two feet producing biogas for vehicles and heat.

The technical solution is of course a prerequisite for success, but equally important is the way we have organized the cooperation. It has been an exciting journey that brought great interest and commitment. And the result is a business model that really works.